Europa V1.0 Ops File

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  1. Europa V1.0 Ops File Online
  2. Europa V1 0 Ops

What you need to do this? pc
2.usb data cable(nokia 5130c)
3.full battery charge
4.make backup of all old data Odin Multi Downloader v4.28 (GT-I5500)
link is added

Asmw pc optimizer pro serial. We also need an OPS file which is a text type document that specifies the phones perimeters to ODIN so that it can flash (install) the ROM correctly. Download to your Samsung folder ODINv4.28 and the OPS file EUROPA_v1.0.ops Step 2 — Let’s Do It! Borderlands configuration editor. The following tutorial (edited) taken from MADTEAM with acknowledgement and thanks to MayurV.

odin multi downloader v4.28 (gt-i5500).zip — — online file sharing and storage — download — Thiago Alex
6.Download Firmware
i download it from ufs hwk server u need to make mobile on downloding mode

Europa V1.0 Ops File Online

  • 1.Turn off phone
  • 2.Remove battery , sim and Sdcard from the phone.
  • 3.Now without putting the sim and sdcard put the battery and donot turn the phone on.
  • 4. press and hold Volume down + Center Button(Not the home button) + Power on Button
  • note : while pressing the 3 button combination press and hold the button in sequence vol down + center button then power off button.
  • 5. Now phone enters download mode displaying a yellow android inside a triangle with caption download.

Firmware Update Guide:

Europa V1 0 Ops